Welcome to Crown OB/GYN

Healthcare today is not always a positive experience for many patients.  Rushed appointment times, long waits, uncertainty over who is managing your care or who will show up for your delivery, can cause patients to lose faith that their individual needs and concerns are not recognized or important.

Crown OB/GYN was founded on the principle of transforming your healthcare experience by changing the way medicine is practiced so you can receive exceptional personalized service with your needs in mind. Your experience begins with generous appointment times so your visit will be convenient to your schedule and not rushed.

At your visit, you will be greeted by friendly staff that are happy to assist you, a waiting room with a living room feel, and a massage chair for your use to relax from a busy day. Following your visit, after-hour care is managed by Dr. Burroughs so you can feel at ease knowing that you will talk to someone who knows and understands your background. Even in the hospital, whether following surgery or delivery, you will be rounded on twice a day so your needs can be assessed and managed.

For our obstetric patients, our goal is to make your prenatal, labor, and delivery experiences as exciting and special as possible. Your prenatal care experience includes long appointment times to answer all of your and your partner’s questions, a personalized tour of the hospital by Dr. Burroughs in the third trimester, and a physician who will come in and spend time with you during your entire labor process so you receive the time and attention you deserve.

If you go to the hospital for any reason before delivery, Dr. Burroughs will come in day or night to manage your care so you can best understand the evaluation and treatment process and follow up. Following delivery, our nurse and physician will stay in contact with you so your postpartum needs and concerns are addressed.

Transforming your healthcare experience by changing the way medicine is practiced is more than just a mission statement for our practice: it is the focus of all that we do for our patients.

For more information about Crown OB/GYN, please feel free to call 651-209-0084 for an appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!